What a Family African Safari Offers Global Travellers

Travellers heading to Tanzania have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience their own family African safari.

These tourist programs offer the chance to see exotic African wildlife up close, removing participants from their comfortable surrounds before embracing the best that nature has to offer.

While there are more high-octane safari placements in operation, these walking safari initiatives allow men and women to soak in their surrounds and develop a true appreciation for these animals and the landscape.

So why are these programs so popular and what do they provide for participants? Let us take a closer look.


Choose Your Own Adventure

For global travellers who are looking at joining in with a family African safari, there are multiple options at their disposal. These programs will vary from one outlet to the next, but each adventure will be packed with many of the same exotic wonders. This includes the diverse walk across Tarangire in the north of Tanzania to the Selous Game Reserve, the Katavi National Park, the game heavy Ruaha National Park or the official Serengeti National Park. The terrain will vary from one location to the next, but participants from all around the world will be able to plan their own placement depending on their own tastes.


A View of The “Big 5”

For each traveller who embarks on their family African safari, they will more than likely come across what is known as the ‘big 5.’ No adventure is truly complete without an up-close-and-personal view of these amazing species. This will include the lion, the buffalo, the leopard, the rhinoceros and the elephant. Tourists will be spoiled during the migration seasons especially, seeing these wonderful creatures in herds as they embark on their own journey across the plains of Tanzania. Video footage does not quite do justice to seeing these exotic animals in their natural environment, providing an experience of a lifetime for each traveller.


Flexible Camping Opportunities

A family African safari will give adventurers a chance to select their own camping package commensurate with their tastes and their budget. From camping in the outdoors across the campsites of Lobo or Seronera to tented sites or exotic lodges that are complete with televisions, pools and even WiFi access, individuals can select their accommodation accordingly.


High Season Highlights

The Wildebeest Migration season completely dominates the scene when it comes to booking and attending a family African safari. With the Mara River and Grumeti crossings acting as the focal point for many travellers between June to October, this is a high season highlight that brings in the crowds. Those participants who want some peace and quite without all of the external noise are advised to book their program outside of these months, ensuring there is less cluster along the journey.


Meeting Other Travellers & Engaging With Experienced Guides

One of the most underrated elements of taking part in a family African safari is connecting with other travellers from all corners of the globe. From Australia and Asia to Europe, North America, South America and even other parts of Africa, this is a program that will bring together participants from all walks of life. The other benefit is the support and assistance provided by experienced guides, helping to inform individuals about the history of the Serengeti, the lifestyle of animals and offering a unique insight into this natural splendour that many people from the West are uneducated about.


There is no other opportunity that will come close to what a family African safari can provide for global travellers. These initiatives are run by the best operators in the business, ensuring that everyone can soak in the natural wonders and experience a moment that will never be forgotten.